• Welcome to My School Break Camp

    About Us

    Camp for Detroit Youth

    We are a group of educators who provide FREE camps for students ages 5-13. This camp is our way of giving back to the community.

    School Break Camp Dates

    Our camps run when school is not in session. We follow Wayne County schools common calendar.

    Camp Activities

    O​ur camps are for youth who are interested in dance, music, visual arts, drawing, reading and writing. From outdoor adventures, STEAM workshops, activities, games, and field trips- participants will have a BLAST! 

    We're Seeking Partnerships

    Detroit Schools

    Is your Detroit school in a neighborhood where recreational activities are limited for youth. If so, let us bring our camp to your school during a school break.  It's NO cost to you.

    Local Non-profits

    Are you currently hosting a school break camp in Detroit but would like to expand activities your camp offers, allow My School Break Camp to come and host a 2 hour session on Design Thinking for kids. Again, it's NO cost to you.

    Faith Based Community

    We are seeking to partner with faith based institutions to bring our camp to the youth of their congregation.  It's NO cost to you.